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an 8-week character growth, early intervention, and mentoring program for girls and young women

About TruModel

Find Out More About Our Character Development Program for Girls and Young Women

Learn about TruModel - the character development and mentoring program for girls and young women in Tampa, Florida

We are a character growth, early intervention and mentoring program that stimulates women to become role models through the development of of these traits: self-esteem, integrity, love, vision, poise and health. We believe in the potential and virtue of ALL women and all they can achieve with their natural talents.

Inner beauty is our main focus. We do not concentrate solely on the outer appearance in the same way that other programs do. We don't believe in exploiting women by feeding them lies about unattainable dreams, fantasies and goals based on their "looks". We encourage women to discover themselves and their strengths by inspiring them to become role models in their homes, schools, jobs, careers, relationships and in every aspect of their lives. Expecting great things from young women motivates them to be positive, have integrity, love one another, and ultimately to love themselves.

Empowering Girls and Young Women

TruModel was developed to help women in our communities be reached by opportunities that will empower them. Our goal is to teach, demonstrate, empower, and encourage women to be true role models. We want to reach out to this generation and future generations to best reveal their assets to the world.

By helping women identify all the challenges they face in today's society and letting them know that their voices can be heard, TruModel hopes to collaborate in transforming their dreams into reality. Coping in this world where there is pressure to conform, can be stressful for women in general; TruModel will provide an outlet to help women realize that there are options and that their goals are attainable.

About Mayra Gomez

Mayra Gomez, Founder of TruModel and Model4Jesus

Mayra is the founder and president of Model4Jesus, she uses fashion shows to reach young women. In 2010, she shifted gears and created the TruModel program, an 8-week character growth, early intervention, and mentoring program that stimulates women to become role models through the development of self esteem, integrity, love, vision, poise, and health. She launched this program as an initiative of Gomez Innovations, an incubator formed by her and her husband, Jose Gomez.

Mayra is a also a professional model and Army veteran. She has been featured in TBO, the Tampa Tribune, the St. Petersburg Times, and other Tampa Bay publications for her work with Model4Jesus. She also appeared on the Janice Dickenson Show in a segment entitled "Of Models and Morals" for her stance against the demand for nudity in the fashion industry. She was chosen to appear on a special Trinity Broadcasting Network's PTL by supermodel Kim Alexis to talk about her secrets to being a mother and woman of purpose, and her fashion shows have also been featured in the New York Times.

Coordinating a fashion showWith shoe designer Ivanka Ska, Designer Sandra Hagen, Ebony Grimsley-Vaz owner of Above Promotions and Tamy Lugo from Vstylist.Mayra during one her TruModel WorkshopsThanking the models and the teamWith influential women in the community.

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