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TruModel | Tampa Model School and Mentoring
an 8-week character growth, early intervention, and mentoring program for girls and young women

Character Development

The TruModel curriculum provides girls and young women with the mentoring they need to discover how powerful they really are

Looking for character development and mentoring programs in Tampa? Try TruModel first

Providing girls and young women with a safe place to reinforce strong core values and express themselves is the main focus of TruModel. Our entire curriculum is designed to be the perfect blend of modeling, acting, personality developing, networking, and moral reinforcement. Because many girls and young women that go through our program aspire to become models, we use the fashion world to illustrate the many excesses of life that try to overtake us and make us compromise. But, with a strong support system and the right values, you can navigate successfully to success without losing your soul - no matter what profession you choose.

The TruModel Traits

There are six key areas that we emphasize in our program. We call these six aspects of a woman's life the TruModel Traits, and they are core to our program. Girls and young women will be mentored in the following areas:


It's the foundation for confident, determination, and the drive to success. It affects how you think, act, and relate to others. We show our students how to see themselves, how to develop a good impression of themselves, and how to create realistic expectations for themselves. By developing self-esteem, a TruModel can show unconditional regard for others and acknowledge their value as human beings.


It's the foundation for honesty, truth, and faithfulness. A woman of integrity is honest, authentic, and trustworthy in all things. She adheres to moral and ethical principles that guide every relationship she has. Most of all, she values wisdom and knowledge as the key to a proper view of the world around her and good decision making.


It's the foundation for relationships, marriage, and friendship. It's an affectionate concern for others and is the most tremendous of all human qualities. It is patient, kind, full of trust, always honest, leaves no impression but what is strictly true, and rejoices with the truth. Learning to love others as you love yourself is vital to growing into the woman you were meant to be.


It's the foundation for the future. It allows a woman to see what she wants to accomplish clearly. It involves uses imagination to conceive of things that no one but her believes are possible as well as an anticipation to see those things come to life. It's a positive view of her future, guiding her through the hard times and moments when she just wants to give up. Ultimately, it's what will allow her to see her dreams fulfilled and other lives transformed.


It's the foundation for presenting herself to the world. It is the ability to remain balance and under control in any situation. Poise isn't just about body language and posture - it's about your emotions, behavior, and attitude. A woman who is poised has composure, self-assurance, grace, and refinement.


It's the foundation for wellness and a long life. It's the condition of being sound in body, mind, and spirit. It's freedom from unnecessary physical disease and pain. A TruModel strives for complete balance of her entire self, developing a daily routine that keeps her alert, healthy, and beautiful.

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