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TruModel | Tampa Model School and Mentoring
an 8-week character growth, early intervention, and mentoring program for girls and young women


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"The Trumodel program is like beauty that's more than skin-deep. It shows you who you are as a female and how to be proud of that person, then taking what you've learned and becoming a Trumodel. Mayra Gomez has shed light and hope to the lives of girls who otherwise may never get a chance to experience the life of real beauty, pure beauty and feel special doing so through the Model4Jesus fashion shows. Mayra has also brought the parents of teenage girls to realize that there is an alternative and a choice to what the world of modeling has to offer in order to gain fame & fortune. She's also inspired young women to stand up for what they believe in knowing that it is acceptable to take that stand in today's society." - Tamy Lugo, Stylist and Blogger


"I KNOW it makes a positive difference if Mayra is involved!" - Annette Millan, Model and Actress


"I have seen Mayra work with many young girls and women and I can say this... anyone who works with Mayra will be blessed" - Pastor Mario Carrasco


"As a father, I'm extremely happy to hear of a program for girls that teaches good moral values and how to stand firm on what they believe. I prefer to enroll my daughter in TruModel before any other extracuricular activity like cheerleading to prepare her for the world." - Willy Lugo, Father


"This program allows girls to have a healthy and safe outlet for their desire to explore the fashion industry. They also teach the importance of not compromising their values just to be in the fashion field. But, more importantly, I feel that this also helps girls look at what is more important - inner beauty - and with girls of every size and shape it helps them realize that they do not have to be a size 3 to be beautiful and look good." - Carmen Vasey, Mother


"In my life I have never met a more wonderful program for girls. It really shows girls how to be a model person not just look like one. I have personally seen the founder Mayra Gomez handle some really tough situations with these girls' personalities and she does it with such grace... and a little of her latin flair! She really is a great speaker and generates such a positive influence. I consider it an honor to volunteer my time for Mayra and the organization... and have such a good time when we do. " - Neva Durham, Makeup Artist


"TruModel is an empowering and NECESSARY experience for our girls who need support in gaining strength, self-confidence, and poise." - Amy O'hara-Cusick, Model


"The concept of true beauty is so destorted in today's society with fashion, make-up... the list goes on. TruModel focuses on the a moral view of what true beauty is and then practically applies those principles with fashion shows. Thus, a women or girl can grow in her beauty both inside and out while becoming a more confident person." - Kathy Bernard, Somebody Cares Tampa Bay


"It has been great to work for an organization that accepts you for who you are. There is no stereotyping and no need to be anorexia looking, having a certain height, race, etc. It is great to know that I can be who I am without showing alot of skin and still be able to rock the runway. TruModel is the one program I trust, always reminding that it is OK to be true to myself. There's no changing me into someone I am not." - Lexus, Student and M4J Alumni


"I've been able to witness Mayra in action up-close and personal with her workshops, assisting with many of them. Seeing the difference in these girls' faces from when they walk into the workshop to when they're walking the make-shift runway by the end of the workshop is amazing. Their confidence and understanding of what it is to be a TruModel goes through the roof. These girls gain so much in just one workshop - I can't imagine how several can transform a young girl morally. As a single mother of a 10 year old girl, I'm always speaking faith, confidence, and the fact that it doesn't matter what size you are into my daughter's life. This program is a positive influence for young girls. " - Bridget Negron, Mother and M4J Alumni


"One of the most important things in life is to love yourself. Only after loving yourself and the skin you're in are you able to love others. If there is one thing I've learned it's that beauty is multi-faceted and it's in everyone. TruModel does a great job at capturing every side and every type of beauty. It digs to the core of a girl, teaching her timeless values and lessons about embracing the person she was created to be. It promotes internal beauty that will project through to her external beauty. There are no questions asked that TruModel is greatly beneficial for girls and young women alike." - Lucy Gutierrez, Student and M4J Alumni


"I think Mayra is walking in her calling.. She loves to model and she loves to help girls achieve their inner beauty... " - Maggie Ramirez, Mother

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