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TruModel | Tampa Model School and Mentoring
an 8-week character growth, early intervention, and mentoring program for girls and young women

TruModel Scholarship

We offer full and partial scholarships to qualified girls and young women in need of financial assistance

TruModel Scholarship for low-income households

TruModel offers a scholarship for girls and young women who cannot afford tuition for the 8-week program. Through our TruModel Scholarship Program, we provide partial and full scholarships in partnership with local and national businesses who want to invest in the mentoring and development of girls and young women.

The Process

The focus of our TruModel Scholarship is to help girls and young women from households with a yearly income less than $30k. Applicants must complete a scholarship application and write a 500-word essay on their idea of true beauty which will be reviewed by our scholarship panel and the sponsoring business. Applicants are then interviewed by the scholarship panel as well as a representative from the sponsoring business in order to learn more about them and their life goals. The panel and sponsor share their own insights and provide advice to the applicants to help guide them towards those goals. After the interview, applicants must be approved by our scholarship panel and the sponsorship business. Applicants are contacted by a representative within one week with the final decision.

The Commitment

Applicants and legal guardians must also agree to complete the course with a maximum of one absence. Additional absences will result in immediate termination of the scholarship.

To Apply

To apply for the TruModel Scholarship, please send an email to . Please be aware that scholarships are only available as local businesses partner will us to do so. Only a few scholarships are issued each year.

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Please fill out the form below to receive a free consultation and additional information by e-mail. A TruModel representative will contact you within 24 hours to talk to you about the process of enrolling.

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