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Blog Post By Tamy Lugo

Christian Fashion Week Occurs

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The idea of a Christian Fashion Week began to take form in 2011; When now Co-Founders, Jose Gomez, Mayra Gomez, Wil Lugo and myself felt a strong desire to take it from vision to reality. Part of our goal for this event is to bring awareness to those in the Christian community
as well as to others who believe in dressing modest, that they too can obtain a high level of style with modest clothing.  So, we challenged designers to create modest fashion collections.  The emails soon began to pour in, from fashion designers in New York, London, and here in Florida declaring they had been waiting for the chance to be able to market to modest dressers.  It was as fascinating to them as it was to me every time I read their confessions. 

Don't be mistaken by the 'Christian' in Christian Fashion Week.  It was not intended to be another gathering for christian people with a church service program. But, to let the show from the designers to the models speak for itself. 

The aftermath, Christian Fashion Week resonated in the hearts of people who participated and attended realizing women and men should have the right to preserve their dignity, and to portray the best form of themselves through fashion.  Not one person at this event was to be judged for what they believe in, nor to be pressured into a less honorable standard. 

Scroll to view images of the awesomeness of fashion...

2013 Swimwear Collection in modest cuts which were vintage inspired with a mod flair by having added metallics into each style.
A fun segment for the ladies, interacting at the end of the segment where ladies were able to touch, feel and visualize how to wear a bathing suit
out to the beach or pool, shown by Renee herself. 

Her Ethereal Collection received wonderful reviews even prior to the day of it's debut.  Already being compared to top designers, young Julia succeeds at delivering what she calls, "A NY quality show for Florida".  Each model coming out on the runway showed a unique french, vintage and bohemian indication of a free spirited girl.

A Columbian designer who creates nothing but, high end fashion for a woman who appreciates her femininity.  I describe the collection as I felt; class and grace from every garment displayed.  

The Indi Fusion Collection filled with prints, pattern and color.  Fun, yet bold.  Dare to take any piece of this collection
and incorporate it into your wardrobe, thus transitioning your style to Spring/Summer of 2013.

The Glam and Elegant collection.  In speaking with Franco, Making a woman feel beautiful is what he strives for in each garment he designs.
What you would wear to a charity ball.

Local designer titles the menswear runway collection "The Adam Project"  as she designed trendy casual clothing for the man who doesn't mind being bold everyday.  Below are my top picks:

She was inspired to craft a collection by the book of "Revelations".  Haven't read it? Pick up the Bible.  Large prints and fierce cuts are prominent in each look speaking.  Carmelita describes her motivation saying, "This is the time to live fearlessly, because the battle has already been won."

Closes the show with a graceful, beautiful bridal set inspired by the Victorian era of Floriography,  when flowers were once used to send messages of Love. The bridal gowns fitting to various types of weddings in Florida.

A Huge Thanks to Fashion Stylists who seldom receive due credit!
Danielle McFarland
Veronica Khvorostov
Amandia Reese
Kara Beck
Kaleen Montero
Erica Haun
Sandra Davila


Jose Gomez, Mayra Gomez, Tamy Lugo, Wil Lugo

The beneficiary of Christian Fashion Week

If you want to attend next year sign up for updates on Christian Fashion Week

*Images courtesy of Michael McCoy (Official CFW Photographer) MPStudios Tampa

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The idea of a Christian Fashion Week began to take form in 2011; When now Co-Founders, Jose Gomez, Mayra Gomez, Wil Lugo and myself felt a strong desire to take it from vision to reality. Part of our goal for this event is to bring awareness to those in the Christian community
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