Information for Parents
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an 8-week character growth, early intervention, and mentoring program for girls and young women

Information for Parents

Get the information you need to decide if TruModel is right for your daughter or loved one

Information about TruModel for parents

After receiving so many phone calls, letters and complaints about how there are no programs out there that care about integrity and morals. Mayra decided that as a parent herself, she did not want this to happen to her daughter. Most of the programs offered are for troubled teens. What we need is an intervention before they become "troubled" teens.

This is the reason for TruModel - a character development, early intervention and mentoring program concentrating on the traits of self-esteem, integrity, love, vision, poise, and health.

A Passion for Your Child's Purpose

At TruModel we understand the importance a parent plays in their children's overall development. For this reason, we have our TruModel Open House. It is an opportunity where you as a parent can visit with us and get an understanding of our goals and vision for your child. We invite you to learn about who we are what we do and how we can collaborate as a team to make the best decisions for your daughter.

We have a heart for the young women of this generation. With so many things going wrong in today's society, we want to be a positive outlet for young women - a place where you know that your daughter will be cared for loved and the right morals will be reenforced.

Parent Inquiries

We are attentive to the needs of parents. If you have a question about our program or the progress of your child in our program, e-mail us at .

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